BTM Graphics Equipment, searches the World for
good, reliable used printing and converting equipment
to fill the general and specific needs of our customers.

BTM Graphics representatives contact almost every
printing and converting company in the United States,
Canada and many abroad at least once a year.

BTM Graphics will assist you in finding what you need
and help with the logistics necessary to put equipment
on your floor safely and economically.

BTM Graphics, brokers the purchase or sale of graphic
equipment for thousands of companies, large and

OurĀ  customers are companies you know.
They looked for someone who was honest and
reliable. They wanted a supplier who knows the
market and could bring them the best choices while
saving them time, frustration, money and problems.

What does that mean to you? It means when you
contact BTM Graphics that you get the best equipment
for your needs at the fairest price. If we don’t have
what you want, we will find it for you.

And if you are selling equipment, we will find the buyer
who sees the greatest value in your equipment.

BTM Graphics acts on your behalf as if we were part of
your company.

BTM Graphics always handles the current assignment
in a way to earn the next one.